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Cat Service Agreement

These are custom contracts covering all your maintenance and repair costs. These options offer you several advantages, including maximum machine availability, competent service and higher resale value for your equipment. All of these factors affect your bottom line. A CSA can minimize these and other costs by transposing a multitude of service tasks into the expert hands of distributor technicians. When you hear the term service agreement or CSA, do you immediately think about maintenance? The services and support that help you maintain your resources can be key elements of a CSA, but many agreements go much further to help you improve your overall functioning. In addition to offering in-store or field services, cat CSA also offers the following recommended services: You of course want your Cat machines to stay in service for as long as possible. For this reason, regular and regular maintenance of your machines is essential. Not only will it extend the life of the equipment, but it will also increase the efficiency of your machines. But maintenance takes time, so it`s impossible for you to focus entirely on your work.

In this sense, we offer you the opportunity to enter into a maintenance contract with Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions). You can do this when you purchase your new machine, but you can also enter into a maintenance contract for your existing Cat machines. Milton CAT can provide customers with internal service functions with the training, information and system support they need to effectively perform their own maintenance and maintenance of their own devices. The same solution does not work for everyone. That`s why we strive to provide you with options in parts, services, repairs and more, so you can choose the one that meets your needs and keeps you running smoothly. Our plans are not at the helm; We spend time understanding your business, listening to your needs and discovering your fleet profile and applications, so we can offer you the best level of service. This is a customer service agreement option in which the customer performs part of the service and Milton CAT executes the balance. For example, in a popular Do It With Me option, the customer performs every 250, 500 and 750 hours of machine use and Milton CAT every 1,000 or 2000 hours of service. Whether you own a CAT machine or an entire fleet, this partnership package means good maintenance, exactly on time. Our CSA offers have been specially designed for your machine or generator kit (premium and watch) to ensure they are always on the cutting edge.

Our fully trained service technicians come and maintain their unit at regular intervals (PM1: at 250 hours of work, PM2: 500 hours of work, PM3: 1000 hours of work, PM4: 2000 hours of work) according to the Caterpillar Operations and Maintenance Manual (OM-M).