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Collegiate Housing Services Lease Agreement

We are able to offer comprehensive management or assistance for all residential activities on campus, including housing or dorm management and life plan. Our shared hosting program is our most popular option. It contains most of the functions for students looking for roommates and a common university experience. The housing development resembles the campus residence, which lives in a university, except off-campus and in a shared room. Individual rentals, furniture and utilities are included. In addition, different monthly price groups are offered to meet your budget requirements. Collegiate Housing Services was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are pleased to provide housing for our students through Collegiate Housing Services, Inc. (CHS), an independent third party. Attending university is an exciting time in a student`s life, and OTC recognizes the impact of home aaway life on young adults. It is precisely for this reason that we offer our students safe, comfortable, clean and affordable housing.

Contact UTI Lisles Housing Coordinator, Kettisha Stamp: (630) 893-2828 | Be prepared to provide the following information: A $50 application fee and a $250 security deposit are all that is needed to secure your home. Prices per student range from $419 to $489 per month for a common room. A private room in a shared house is also available in limited quantities for $609 -619 USD per month. You can find more roommates here: Shared Housing Options and rates and Amenities. Collegiate Housing locations can be find here: Collegiate Housing Map. Visit the chs website to finalize your application and get more information about the chs sharing program. including apartment sites and prices. International students are asked to contact the Collegiate Business Office at 1-800-866-8346 or email Monet Davis at mdavis@housingservices.com. To apply, there is a $50 registration fee and a $500 deposit for international students. On the Lisle campus, Student Services works with Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) to help students who need help with housing security. CHS offers a full range of accommodation services and works closely with students to identify the best possible options. Below are the services available to help you relocate.

Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) has managed housing programs for more than 150 post-secondary campuses in more than 20 states across the country. We work closely with each school to adapt and coordinate their student housing systems.