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Compressed Work Week Agreement

Superiors and department heads have the authority to approve compressed work week agreements. An employer must notify each worker concerned in writing 2 weeks before the start of the funding agreement, unless both parties agree otherwise. The flexible average training agreement, which is not part of a collective agreement, is valid: in the absence of a collective agreement, the average value training must meet all of the following criteria: if the employer and the worker agree on leave with pay instead of overtime pay, overtime is charged at a rate of at least 1 hour for each overtime hour worked. For more information, see Overtime and overtime pay. The order of business of a staff member must be provided in advance. Before the start of the agreement, the employer must inform each worker concerned in writing 2 weeks in advance. The funding agreement can only indicate one work plan applicable to the employee. The original must be provided in the employee`s personnel file with copies to staff and superiors/department heads. The compressed weekly rules, concluded before 1 January 2018 and in force on 1 November 2020, are now only valid if: Note: collective agreements can define different methods of how copies of fund agreements are to be distributed to workers. Overtime hours calculated on a daily and average basis.

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