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Customs Clearing Agent Agreement

3 The agent is responsible for the retention of all customs-related matters on behalf of the customer. If SARS has questions about customs matters, the officer will handle these matters on behalf of the client. The agent undertakes to ensure that the travel time of the vehicles supplying the customer`s goods is as short as possible, ensuring that the declaration of the customer`s products takes place as quickly as possible. If the customer has another problem that needs to be dealt with by the agent, not with respect to normal statements made for the customer, the agent will deal with such issues for the customer for an additional fee. 3. Confidentiality and risk control Confidentiality 3 The agent undertakes to keep strictly secret all documents and information concerning the customer and to ensure that this information is not communicated to the customer`s competition or to any other customer of the agent. Information and documentation are provided to SARS only with the prior authorization of the customer and only if the customer and agent accept the written request of SARS. No other person, except the agent`s staff or other customers of the agent, has access to the customer`s documentation and information. Risk control The Contractor shall ensure that all explanation and invoicing documents are delivered personally to the customer and will not involve any third party in this obligation.

4. Numbering A tax of R (Fifty Rand) is charged per return, SAD500, for the customer and an additional tax of R (5000) for each SAD501, which we add to a return, a tax of R (Thirty Rand) is levied for each SAD507 and R (Sixty Rand) for each (correction voucher). 5 Payment for all agent invoices is made on the 1st (first of each month. . . .