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Eglin Afb Master Labor Agreement

On January 21, 2015 or January 21, 2015, Wallace sent a memorandum (Council 214 Memorandum) to Council 214 President Troy Tingey giving him the authority to negotiate with the Agency «official time blocks», as requested in section 4.13(c). Wallace said negotiating additional blocks of formal time would help the union «improve employee satisfaction, foster employee training and development, support the development of cooperative and productive labour relations, and encourage worker involvement in employment issues by their union representatives.» Tingey signed the Memorandum of Council 214, which authorized local to negotiate with the Agency in 1897. The respondent asserts that the Union`s request was trivial, a mere attempt at «email verification» and also asserts that the Union did not communicate this need with the objective of «promoting an improved partnership». R. Br. 5 However, the respondent was mistaken about the Union`s request for official time to ensure that the Union could respond appropriately to the Agency`s emails announcing planned changes to the terms and conditions of employment. Jt. Exs. 4 & 5. The reaction to these announcements is one of the fundamental tasks of the Union; Indeed, section 4.06 (18) expressly authorizes official time for this purpose. As already mentioned, it is difficult to imagine how negotiations on an activity referred to in section 4.06 (18) would not be with a view to further improving the partnership. In addition, partnership is a system designed to promote open communication and a fairer relationship between work and management (cf. ex.9), which requires two equal and fully operational partners, including a Union capable of communicating adequately with management.

For those reasons, I have no doubt that the Union`s request was made to `promote an improved partnership`. Article 4, Section 4.13(c) was applied by the Air Force and AFGE in May 2004, when AFGE, Local 1406 and Edwards AFB entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (2004 Edwards MOA) on official time at this facility. The MOA, agreed in 2004, granted three union representatives pre-approved official time blocks (two obtained 50 percent official time, the third obtained 30 percent official time) to complete the work of a representative who was already 100 percent official in accordance with section 4.13(a). Jt ex 9; Tr. 80-81. The 2004 MOA states that official time is used «only to perform functions in accordance with [GwG], Article 4, Sections 4.06 and 4.08». [2] Jt. Ex.9. The 2004 Edwards MOA is expected to be reviewed after two years; In this regard, it is said that we welcome this agreement. We are finally getting to a point where management and work can come together and we can get things done by participating in pre-decision decisions in a forum that benefits the mission.

As soon as we start with all this pre-decision-making involvement, we will see a lot of improvements. In 2007, the Agency and the Union concluded a local addendum (LSA 2007) on the maintenance of records and reports that representatives must submit to the Agency 100% in official time. This is an unfair labor practice according to the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Relations, 5 U.S.C§ 7101-7135 (Statute), and the rules and regulations of the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA/Authority), 5 C.F.R.part 2423. With regard to the minutes of the 2001 negotiations and partnership, Mr Tavernier stated that the Protocol `expressly stated that the intention was to give this provision to certain bases which needed a partnership, which must enter into a partnership, in order to enable the Union and management to cooperate in order to cooperate in order to improve working relations, to improve the relationship between labour relations and management. Tr. 42. That is why, Tavernier said, a request for negotiation must «follow this concept of partnership.» .