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Learning Agreement Hdm Stuttgart

Print too and fill the head accordingly in advance! If you need a change, please bring the description of your course module. If so, please seek on-site advice. An Academic Advisor is available at many universities. The provisional apprenticeship agreement is signed, no later than before the start of the semester abroad, by the program management, the student and the dual partner (responsible for training) in the order mentioned above. You will get accurate information about this in advance of your student support. Coordinating the Learning Agreement with Student Support The learning agreement models available are used for your first information and insight. Here you can find information on the content of the curriculum. The study consists of a compulsory field and a compulsory area of choice: as soon as the Transcript of Records, that is, the mirror of notes of the partner university concerned with all the study and examination services provided during the semester abroad, students must make an appointment as soon as possible with their dean of studies to take into account the services of the foreign. The completed and signed form must then be submitted to the Review Board with the Transcript of Records. The relevant faculty review committee or the Central Review Committee then reviews the application for recognition. If the application is accepted, the Review Board conducts the administrative registration of the recognized benefits. As part of the implementation of the MWK Memorandum of 14 March 2011, on 1 October 2013, the scheme was introduced in the StuPrO DHBW Wirtschaft, under which semester-related review credits can be entered into multiple modules of the first two years of study, see the amending regulation. You can get up to 30 ECTS thanks to proof of bachelor`s and internships that have not been taken into account in the bachelor`s certificate, as well as relevant practical experience after the Bachelor`s degree.

1. the observation and selection of courses taught in the higher education institution and which can be classified in the required modular areas. For this, your student support is very happy. 2. Coordinating the apprenticeship agreement with student support and approving by the management of the stream (management of corporate communication, research in corporate communication) d) d) It is also necessary for the recognition of your notes the submission (at the course office at Mrs. Kling`s) of the official Transcript of Records, i.e. in the original with signature/cachet of the host graduate school. An electronic version or scan is not allowed. You should submit this document as soon as possible.

. The apprenticeship agreement is concluded in consultation with the Dean of Studies.