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National Agreement Services

How to file an appeal: Disagreements must be filed in writing by the bereaved party of the party against whom the action is filed (with copies to the AU and msca) within ten (10) days from the date of the incident or from the date on which it could reasonably have been discovered by the parties concerned. The complaint must contain all the following information: Wages and all contributions or deductions for ancillary benefit plans or funds, union dues, leave, leave, sick pay, the International Training Fund (ITF) and the Industry Promotion Fund are paid at the service rate set out in the local agreement or in accordance with Schedule A for that jurisdiction. In the event of a conflict between the local agreement and the national agreement, the national agreement prevails. Signatory employers are not required to sign local service agreements, but may be asked to sign the local trust agreement. Special leave (with or without pay) or unpaid absences is granted to workers through collective agreements at important family events. All workers are entitled to paid annual leave (Article 36 of the Constitution). The Civil Code provides for a legal minimum leave of eight days only for domestic workers. The minimum leave for all other workers is set by collective agreements that generally provide for annual paid leave of at least four weeks per year. Some agreements provide for additional leave at the core of seniority.

During their leave, workers receive a normal salary, with the exception of work-related benefits themselves. Italy has ratified the 1970 ILO Convention on Paid Leave (revised) (No. 132), which provides for a minimum leave of at least three weeks of work for one year of service. Special wage increases are set by collective agreements for overtime on Sundays, other public holidays and night workers. Night work was recently regulated by Act 25 of 1999. National Concrete Coring, Drilling and Sawing Agreement Parties: Laborers` International Union and individual employers. Circumference: All concrete grains, drilling and sawing for all uses. The employer and the union want to stabilize employment in the concrete corset, drilling and sawmill industries and, as a result, agree on pay rates, working hours and conditions of employment. Validity dates: project applied by project. National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC)Parties: Laborers` International Union and individual employers (which consists of a joint labour-management committee). Area of application: maintenance, repair, replacement and renovation work which are mainly within the recognised and traditional jurisdiction of the union.