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Republic Bank Collective Agreement

BIGWU said it understood workers` opposition to action, as the bank`s environment has deteriorated sharply over the past decade. The association was registered on 2 May 1974 as a staff association of Barclays Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, in accordance with the Trinidad and Tobago trade union decree, and was recognized on 21 April 1975. The name of the Union was changed when the name of the bank was changed in 1981 to Republic Bank Limited. This is the first CA signed by the bank after its recent move from HFC Bank to Republic Bank. While Ms. Sallah-Brown expressed her joy and attributed the outcome of the negotiations and the conclusion of the agreement to the commitment of the partners, Mr. Mensah assured the management of the enormous contribution of workers to push the bank to the highest level of the sector. He was optimistic that the first CA would provide more opportunities for sustainable cooperation to drive the bank`s growth for the benefit of customers and shareholders. Port of Spain, Trinidad, Thursday, April 5, 2018: Republic Bank Limited is currently in negotiations with bank insurance and the General Workers` Union (BIGWU) for a new collective agreement regarding their office workers. The Bank is concerned about erroneous and misleading statements by EU officials in the media last week and has an opportunity to share relevant facts.

The CA was achieved collectively in less than a week, and it is said to be one of the fastest in the history of intensive care. It also defines the responsibilities of the parties, dispute resolution mechanisms and their obligation to cooperate with the Bank`s progress. «This bank has earned billions of dollars every year for the past 11 consecutive years and will continue to do so in 2018,» she said, adding that energy prices have not affected the bank`s profits. According to him, because Republic Bank operates in a highly unionized environment in Trinidad and Tobago, the bank is used to this culture and adds that management would continue to be the union`s partner for the growth of the company. The management and workers` union of the Republican Bank Ghana Limited, formerly HFC Bank, today signed their collective agreement (CA) which aims to promote maximum cooperation between management and workers in achieving the bank`s objectives. The Bank Employees` Union (BEU), a former Union of Trinidad and Tobago, was established in 1974 as a staff association from an advisory committee that was adopted with partners of other Banks of the Barclays Group. He assured management that the bank would continue to succeed and said, «Without the employer, there is no union.» Amid the unrest among members of the management and the local union, the agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding were signed after mutual negotiations between the two parties.