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Ucc Learning Agreement

The application form contains your apprenticeship agreement and information on the modules you can follow during your internship, are available on our website under the course titles listed below, most students who arrive will study the modules of the second year, unless agreed agreement. You must confirm which modules you will study and submit this information with your application. You also need a passport-sized photo. You must contact the ERASMUS coordinator of your home institution to apply for an ERASMUS internship at the University Centre De Colchester. If you can create a place, your ERASMUS coordinator will give us your name and email address. The application form with reflection information is sent directly by our ERASMUS coordinator at the University Centre Colchester via email. You should complete the application form and apprenticeship agreement with the help of the erasmus coordinator or representative of your home institution. To conclude your apprenticeship agreement for internships/studies, you must have the following information: To study at the University of Colchester under the ERASMUS program, your home institution must have an inter-institutional agreement with the UCC. If your university does not have this agreement, you can still study at UCC and more information about non-ERASMUS courses is available here.

If you are in a clinical internship/ internship, you need an apprenticeship agreement for internships and, if you only want to study, you need an apprenticeship agreement for the studies. However, there are different apprenticeship agreements depending on whether you apply via Erasmus, Nordplus or other bilateral agreements. Students must enter into a learning agreement listing the courses they wish to take at the host university. This should be done by cross-referencing your coordinator (s). The apprenticeship agreement should be signed by the UCC coordinator (s) and returned to the host university for approval. University College CopenhagenManagement and Administration Buddinge Hovedgade 80 2860 S`borgCopenhagenDenmark If you are studying at the University Centre Colchester or considering a course with us, we offer you the opportunity to spend a semester in another country at most courses. Erasmus is extremely useful and enjoyable, both socially and educationally. You don`t need to speak a foreign language and a semester abroad offers you many advantages. You benefit: Accepted exchange students can ask for help with accommodation – accepted students receive an email with more information.

ERASMUS Contact: Erasmus OfficeTel: 00 45 4189 8685 E-mail: erasmus@ucc.dk ERASMUS students do not pay tuition at the University Colchester Centre, but you must pay for your accommodation and other cost of living during your stay. Please stay in close contact with your departmental coordinator abroad regarding your courses. If you have problems, it is important to contact UCC immediately. The Colchester University Centre helps students take erasmus internships and help outgoing students (UCC students who go abroad) and students who arrive (students from our partner universities to study at UCC). Click on the link below for relevant information. For students who miss part of a course because this is the case after graduation, alternative assessment agreements are put in place. Alternative assessment systems should not compensate for a lack of proficiency in the English language. Remember that the UK is not part of the euro area and that the national currency is denominated in sterling. You should consider the exchange rate when budgeting and a useful tool that can help is the student calculator. Before applying, prepare the following schedules for your online application: All students studying at the Colchester Institute must follow the corresponding assessment rules and the same workload as any other student – that is,.