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Uk Mexico Spirits Agreement

«This agreement is good news for Scottish and Mexican national beverages, which remain recognised by law in the world`s major export markets. Scotch whisky already has a legal definition in Mexico, but this agreement reflects the protection currently offered under the Mexico-EU agreement and guarantees the recognition of all British whiskies and Mexican spirits names. This spirits agreement will give Mexican consumers the confidence that the Scotch whisky they enjoy will be distilled and matured in Scotland in accordance with UK law. In 2018, 17% of EU agricultural and food exports to Mexico and 8% of Mexican agri-food exports to the European Union, an alternative trade of €355 million, reflecting the vitality and importance of the spirits sector for both parties. On 28 April, at the height of the COVID crisis, the European Commission announced a new trade agreement with Mexico, which will include the EU-Mexico agreement on spirits adopted in 1997. The EU and Mexico opened negotiations in May 2016 for a new modernised agreement, an agreement in principle was reached in April 2018 and the last outstanding technical issues were resolved at the end of April 2020. Once the legal order has been completed, the final text will be forwarded to the Council and the European Parliament for ratification. We will be clear in favour of this ratification! 4. If, after the consultations provided for in paragraphs 1 and 3, the Parties do not agree, the Contracting Party which has requested the consultation or taken the measures provided for in paragraph 3 may take appropriate safeguards to enable this Agreement to be properly applied. This follows the recent signing of the Agreement between the United Kingdom and Mexico on the Mutual Recognition and Protection of Names of Spirit Drinks, an important agreement on geographical indications between the United Kingdom and Mexico for the protection of spirit drinks from both countries.

This agreement will protect our traditional spirits such as Irish and Scotch whisky and tequila, sotol and mezcal. According to the Ministry of Economy, the United Kingdom is an important destination for Mexican spirits exports. It is the world`s seventh largest importer of tequila (after the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Japan and Canada) and the third largest importer of Mezcal (only behind the United States and Spain). This new agreement strengthens the export security of all Mexican spirit drinks with a designation of origin.