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Waiver Of Interest Agreement

(1) The Executive Board waives the collection of interest in the following circumstances: (f) Exemptions. The assessment of interest, penalties, and administrative costs under this section does not apply to debt under sections 2(f) and 8(g) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (45 U.S.C. 352(f) and 358(g)). B. (i) where, at the discretion of the Commission, the levying of interest, penalties and administrative costs would be contrary to fairness and good conscience; or (2) interest increases from the date on which the notification of the debt and the application for repayment with interest are first sent to the debtor or served by hand, or in the case of a debt subject to section 10 (c) of the Railway Pensions Act or section 2 (d) of the Railway Unemployment Insurance Act, the interest shall accrue on the date on which a refusal to waive recovery is sent or served on the debtor by post or by hand, or, if the waiver has not been requested, after the expiry of the period within which the waiver may be requested, unless otherwise specified in this Section. (i) In any event, the Board of Directors waives the collection of interest, penalties and administrative costs where the debt to be collected is recovered by the total or partial withholding of a current pension payable under the Railroad Retirement Act and the debt is not due to fraud. (1) The Board of Directors will consider evidence of the following when deciding on the collection of interest, penalties and administrative fees against equity and good conscience: (4) The estimated interest rate is the interest rate on the present value of funds to the U.S. Treasury (i.e. the Treasury tax and lending rate), as required annually or quarterly in the federal register and in the Cash Financial Bulletins; and is published. 31 U.S.C 3717. (ii) In all cases where a decision not to recover an overpayment is to be taken: 1. Simple interest is set once a month on the unpaid principal of a debt. Has.

The claim shall be settled within thirty days of the expiry of the period within which the debtor may request a waiver of recovery if no request for exemption is received within the prescribed period; or (3) In the case of a right of pledge to reimbursement of sickness benefits referred to in Part 341 of this Chapter, interest shall be charged on the amount of the pledge duty from the date of the transaction or registration of the final judgment. . . .